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Smart Irrigation

Houston Sprinkler System Upgrades and Retrofits Save Water & Save You Money

Did you know we can update your existing sprinkler system, no matter what brand, no matter who installed it, for more efficient lawn irrigation? Our team specializes in sprinkler system upgrades to create the smartest irrigation systems possible.

undefinedThe Benefits of a SMART Sprinkler System Upgrade

  • No more watering in the rain.
  • No more watering the sidewalk or driveway.
  • No more puddling in that one low spot.
  • No more runoff.
  • No more messing with impossible to understand controllers.
  • No more leaks or broken sprinkler heads going unnoticed.
  • No more expensive water bills

What is a Sprinkler System Retrofit?

Our team will start with a full irrigation system inspection. For free! This inspection will allow us to determine a few things:

  1. Urgently needed repairs.
  2. Potential efficiency improvements through adjustments.
  3. Opportunity for efficiency improvement through updates and upgrades.

Some hidden damages and breaks are costing homeowners a lot of money in wasted water, as well as the health of their lawn. Brown spots where things were not getting watered or soggy spots where roots are soaked and suffocating in flood water can destroy the healthiest of lawns.

Once the urgent repairs are complete, we can focus on adjustments and upgrades.

Adjustments can make a huge difference. We might adjust your irrigation schedule, duration, or frequency. We might adjust a few sprinkler heads that were inadvertently misdirected. A variety of small alterations to your existing irrigation system can make a huge difference during a long hot summer.

Lastly, upgrading old sprinkler heads, controllers, and adding the latest weather and soil sensors will take your irrigation system to the next level of efficiency.

We’ll provide you a list of recommended upgrades with flat rate pricing. You can opt to make the changes throughout a season or two, but we know you’ll be pleased with that lower water bill. The updates most certainly pay for themselves in water savings after a season or two.

If you’re curious about updating your aging Rainbird or Hunter Irrigation system, call us today. We service all systems and are pleased to be your premier smart irrigation service provider.

Contact us today and learn more about our irrigation services.