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Micro Irrigation: The Extraordinary Little Sister of Drip Irrigation

If you own a home in the North Houston area, you’ve definitely at least heard of drip irrigation. You know it is the most efficient way to keep your landscape healthy with the perfect amount of water. You may even be lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of owning a drip irrigation system. But, have you heard of micro irrigation?

Don’t worry. We are not going to tell you to get rid of drip and replace it with micro. They are two different things with two very different benefits.

What is Micro Irrigation?

Our micro-irrigation systems are an addition to your existing irrigation system for keeping your potted plants and hanging baskets watered consistently and healthy.

Hanging baskets and potted plants are exposed to the elements much more than plants that are in the ground. In the ground, they can retain more moisture and are less likely to dry out quickly from extreme heat, sun, or wind.

Hanging baskets need water nearly every day in the summer. Not only do they dry out fast, but they often feature annual flowers that naturally need more water than other types of plants.

A system of tubes will be strategically placed and concealed among your landscape. They will provide regular delivery of a small amount of water directly to the roots of your potted plants and hanging baskets.

  • You’ll never have to remember to get out there and water them again!
  • You’ll never have to reach above your head and have the watering can dripping water down your arm.
  • You won’t have to pay the neighbor to come to water them when you go on vacation.
  • You’ll save money by not having to go out and replace those flowers when they’ve been neglected and by using less water to keep them alive!

Your gorgeous annuals will grow bigger and more vibrant than ever, adding glorious color to your landscape with a lot less maintenance by you! Best of all, you’ll utilize LESS water doing it!

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