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Sprinkler System Inspection

During the inspection we will:

  • Run a test of your entire system
  • Walk through each zone to ensure sprinkler heads are firing
  • Check each sprinkler head and nozzle
  • Complete a System Efficiency Score analysis
  • Overview of inefficiencies found on the sprinkler system

Inspections can help find hidden issues with your system.

Sprinkler System Repairs

Have you ever had any of these issues?

  • Your sprinkler system running during the rain when it shouldn’t
  • Brown or dry spots developing throughout your lawn
  • Noticeable leaks surrounding sprinkler heads
  • Plants and landscape not receiving enough water

We will inspect your property and repair any issues we find with your Northern Virginia sprinkler system.

Sprinkler System Maintenance

We offer three maintenance packages to suit all of our client’s needs:

  • Bed of FlowersNice’ N Easy: A basic package to get you started with Conserva Irrigation.
  • Full Season: Making sure your system is working efficiently and effectively through the season
  • No Worries: Conserva Irrigation will go above and beyond with this package.

Irrigation Seasonal Services

We offer both winterization and summerization services.


  • Professionally start up your system controller
  • Program the controller to conserve water and optimize root development
  • Test rain sensors and other sensors
  • Inspect and adjust all heads
  • Complete our free 12-point system analysis (SES)
  • Flag all problem areas and provide a report to you


  • Turn off the water supply to the sprinkler system
  • Evacuate all water from the sprinkler system
  • Winterize the vacuum breaker
  • Assess the condition of the sprinkler system
  • Leave behind our winter SES and an estimate for sprinkler repairs

Sprinkler System Installations

Conserva Irrigation will professionally assess, design and install your irrigation system.

We will:

  • Gather information about your property (sun exposure, shade, soil type, etc.)
  • Professionally design each zone to meet your lawn & landscape’s needs
  • Install your irrigation system as quickly as possible while maintaining cleanliness on your property
  • Clean up & leave your property looking better than when we arrived
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