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Is it Time to Replace Your Sprinkler Rain Sensor?

Rainfall in Spring and the rest of North Houston can be unpredictable and torrential at times. If you’ve noticed your sprinkler system running during rainfall or you’re not sure whether it has a rain sensor or not, it is time to give your local irrigation experts a call. Many off-the-shelf rain sensors last five-years or less, so you could be unknowingly without the required rain shut-off device you once relied upon.

Conserving water is more important than ever. Of all the water on Earth, less than 3% is fresh water and less than 1% of that is accessible to humans. When it comes to irrigation, using only the required amount is a great way to conserve your home or businesses fresh water usage.

But, let us be real here. It is throwing money directly down the drain if you are running your lawn sprinklers during a rain storm or immediately after. That is where we can help!

Toro® EVOLUTION Wireless Weather Sensor

With a constant dedication to water conservation, Conserva of North Houston has partnered with Toro to provide the most innovative sprinkler system parts on the market.

When you pair the Toro EVOLUTION® Controller with the Toro EVOLUTION Wireless Weather Sensor you get the efficient irrigation system on the market.

6 Step Instructions Of The Toro Evolution Wireless Sensor

The sensor measures soil moisture and rainfall to make sure you are not watering during or immediately after a rainstorm.
The controller has a data chip in it with 40 years of weather history for your exact location stored. The historical data combined with the real-time readings of the soil and air conditions means not only will you not water during or after rain, but your controller may predict rain coming and not water just before either. “Our yard has never looked better,” is often the feedback we get, in addition to homeowners being happy they never have to touch it, reset it, or reschedule it due to weather conditions.

Rain Sensors are Required in Texas

In 2009, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality changed requirements for irrigation systems in the state of Texas to protect consumers and improve water conservation efforts. This means that every lawn sprinkler system installed after that time must include a rain or moisture shut-off device. In addition, any repairs that require the replacement of an existing irrigation controller must include a rain sensor or other technology to automatically shut off irrigation during times of rain or high moisture.

Our weather sensor with historical data takes it one step further and is an important part of any lawn sprinkler system in Spring, Texas.