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Drip Irrigation

Boise Drip Irrigation Services

Finally, a Water & Money-Saving Irrigation System

Whether you have a drip irrigation system that could use some TLC or you’re considering the pros of installing a new system, Conserva Irrigation of Metro Boise is your local resource. We’re happy to talk through any issues you’re currently experiencing and how we can help you reduce water waste, save on water bills, and precisely water your landscaping.

Drip irrigation is an intelligent watering system that has the largest impact when used for planters, hedges, and gardens (any smaller areas that need coverage). There are two types of drip irrigation systems: Surface and subsurface. Both options will ensure that water gets to the right place, rather than spraying petals or leaves.

Surface Irrigation

With surface systems, the dripline sits above ground, resting on the soil and dripping water near the roots of your vegetation. It’s easy to move or modify these units as necessary.

Subsurface Irrigation

These driplines sit up to, or around, 12 inches beneath the soil to deliver water directly to the root source. While subsurface systems are highly effective, they are more difficult to relocate if changes come up.

Regardless of which type of irrigation system you have or choose to install, you’ll find benefits like:

  • Targeted, Controllable Watering

  • Water Conservation

  • A Reduction in Utility Costs

More than 1.5 billion gallons of water go to waste daily because of irrigation runoff, but you can become part of the change. We offer drip irrigation installation services to help you conserve water for future generations, while still enjoying the same quality of landscaping. Of course, once you have an efficient system, we won’t leave you to fend for yourself. We’ll work together to establish a maintenance plan that keeps your irrigation system in tip-top shape as the seasons change.

Give us a call at (208) 505-5019 or request an appointment online for drip irrigation services in Boise.