Irrigation Services

Lexington irrigation system sprinkler blowouts

Protect your irrigation system from the damage caused by freezing. For only $75, Conserva Irrigation of KY will blow out your entire irrigation system. As an added benefit, your Conserva Irrigation Technician will inspect your system during the blowout and provide recommendations to get your system operating efficiently for the next season.

Our Lexington sprinkler winterization service includes:

  • Turn off the water supply to the sprinkler system
  • Evacuate all water from the sprinkler system
  • Turn off the controller to the sprinkler system
  • Assess the condition of the sprinkler system
  • Create a sprinkler Winterization Report
  • Leave behind an estimate for sprinkler repairs
  • Answer any and all questions that may come up during the sprinkler blowout
  • Leave you with the confidence of our No Freeze Damage Guarantee™