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Winterization Service in Fort Collins

Preparing Your Irrigation System for Winter and Beyond

Are you confident your irrigation system is ready for a significant drop in temperature? If you’re not, your sprinklers could experience severe damage this winter, requiring costly repairs or a complete system replacement. At Conserva Irrigation of Fort Collins, you can rely on our licensed and qualified professionals to provide affordable winterization services for the Fort Collins community when snowy, windy, and freezing Colorado winter sets in.

How to Properly Winterize an Irrigation System

Winterization involves more than just evacuating water lines to reduce the chances of water freezing inside pipes. This is just one of many tasks we complete throughout the process to ensure your sprinklers continue operating at peak efficiency all year long.

Our winterization service process includes:

  • Evaluating the condition of your irrigation system

  • Turning off your controllers

  • Shutting off the water supply to your sprinklers

  • Flushing water from pipelines

Once we’ve finished various tasks in this process, you’ll get a detailed winterization report describing our findings to determine the best course of action for your system. We’ll also answer any questions you have and provide a quote if your sprinklers require specific repairs.

Additionally, we’ll discuss our No Freeze Damage Guarantee®, which promises accurate winterizing of your irrigation system, or we’ll repair any damaged components at no charge to you. Our guarantee excludes situations like an irrigation system that wasn’t winterized before winter, an improperly assembled vacuum breaker, or a malfunctioning sprinkler zone.

You can rest assured that our Fort Collins irrigation system service pros won’t cut any corners to get the job finished quickly. We take the time to run air through every single sprinkler head to ensure all water is evacuated. Don’t wait around for fridge temperatures. Allow our team to help you be proactive and perform winterizing service for you today.

Call (970) 633-3083 to request winterization solutions and ask about our free irrigation inspection today.