Chicagoland Irrigation System Repairs

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you already know something is wrong with your irrigation system but you’re not sure what exactly the problem is.

Are you experiencing any or all of the following problems occurring with your home’s sprinkler system?

  • Flowers not receiving adequate amount of water
  • Turf damage
  • Turf damage caused by lawnmower because your lawn is too wet
  • Dry spots dotting the side of a long driveway
  • System watering in the rain and it shouldn’t
  • What is this box on the wall and how do I adjust it myself?
  • Leaks on your sprinkler heads
  • Brown spots on lawn
  • Dry spots on lawn
  • Mold and mushrooms growing because your lawn is too wet

Don’t settle for an irrigation system that’s constantly giving you problems. Your sprinklers should be a reliable system which provides your lawn and garden areas with the optimal amount of water. Whether your lawn or garden area is receiving too little water, too much water or you simply need help adjusting your system’s settings, we are here to help. Repairing your sprinklers is best left to the licensed professionals at Conserva Irrigation of Chicagoland.

Analyzing and Diagnosing Your Irrigation System’s Problems

Our courteous, professional technicians can aid you in identifying the cause of your irrigation system’s problem(s). Whether your system is suffering from severed or busted lines or broken sprinkler heads, you may not be able to tell from the surface why your lawn is receiving too much or too little water. It could be a simple issue, such as adjusting the timing and frequency for a certain zone to get rid of those brown patches of lawn. It also could be that you have a faulty line or a broken sprinkler head which is not providing ample water to said area. Our free inspection will identify the specific cause of your irrigation system’s problem(s) and we will provide you with an estimate to repair it.

What you’ll get

Repairing your Chicagoland’s irrigation system will be performed by a certified irrigation technician who is thoroughly trained and experienced in every facet of irrigation systems. In addition to a licensed professional analyzing your system, we also carry (in our vans) nearly every type of sprinkler part and all the tools necessary in order to completely restore your irrigation system to working order. By carrying all necessary tools and sprinkler system parts in our van, you won’t have to worry about scheduling a second appointment or waiting for your irrigation system’s part to be ordered. In the event we need to simply replace a broken sprinkler head, we only utilize professional-grade Toro® parts that cannot be found at your local big box stores.

When repairing your Chicagoland irrigation system, water conservation is always our priority. We will set forth to make your system utilize less water and energy while still providing the optimal, most efficient amount of water in order to provide you with a healthy lawn and landscape. We will also provide you with a system efficiency score (SES) to point out areas where your system has room for improvements, upgrades or additions to further increase your efficiency score.

In order to have your Chicagoland irrigation system operating at peak-performance, or if you need to have your system inspected for potential problem areas, give us a call. Our free 12-point inspection will allow us to make repairs on the spot and aid you in ensuring your irrigation system is operating problem-free all the while conserving the amount of water and energy being used.