Core Values At Conserva Irrigation of Chicagoland

Set Us Apart from the Competition

Every industry that works hand-in-hand with mother-nature relies heavily on the quality of the people doing the work. Respecting the value of the Earth’s resources and that every action has a consequence is essential to how we approach our work at Conserva Irrigation of Chicagoland. Our integrity, based on that respect and the actions we take as a consequence, is something we hold up to the highest standards when setting our core values and living by them. Every job we do from maintenance to a full irrigation system installation is driven by our core values.


This might sound like common sense when it comes to the business world, but if you’ve ever had a service call from plumbing, HVAC, irrigation or landscaping you know how professionalism can fall by the wayside. The person who comes to your house to install or repair your sprinkler system is the face of Conserva. Is that person on time? Reliable? Trustworthy? Is that person really from Conserva Irrigation?

With Conserva Irrigation showing up at your Chicago home you’ll answer yes to those questions each and every time. With our easy to recognize truck pulling up right on time you’ll know when you open the door who you are letting onto your property. Our trained sales technicians show up looking neat and professional and are ready to get to work on diagnosing, repairing and/or installing your sprinkler system.

Our free 12-point inspection comes complete with a report that will tell you how and where your system has room for improvement or needs a repair. The System Efficiency Score (SES) will tell you if your system could be more efficient. Our goal is to have every home score a perfect 100%. Saving money and saving water means keeping thousands of gallons of water from being wasted. Flat-rate pricing comes with our report so that you will know exactly what it will take to repair or upgrade your system with zero guesswork or surprise costs. With the price on paper you can easily review it to make a well-informed decision on what changes you want to make to your irrigation system.


Technology is always improving. If you’ve bought a TV, computer or phone recently you probably had the experience of wishing you’d waited a month or two for that next better model to arrive on the market. The irrigation industry technology evolves, changing the way we water our lawns and gardens. Here at Conserva of Chicagoland having the latest and greatest materials is so important to us that we’ve built it into our culture.

It used to be that once a sprinkler system was installed it was the best it would ever be. Not with Conserva. We partner with Toro® to ensure that our customers get only the best parts of the highest quality with the latest most innovative technology built in. Through this partnership we are able to say that our systems are easily adjusted, upgraded and improved. Toro® has made their systems and parts flexible to improve over time with additional technology, software and firmware as it becomes available. Toro® makes Conserva the best choice for having the most efficient irrigation system on the market, costing less to maintain and less to run that can even become more efficient the future.


The amount of water that can leak from a broken irrigation system is mind boggling. Did you know that a single broken sprinkler head can leak 18-45 gallons of water per zone each and every time you run your system? This wasted water not only can saturate and ruin your lawn and landscaping but it also runs down into the culverts and sewers of Chicago as wasted fresh water. Not only is that water going down the drain, so is your hard earned money when your surprisingly high water bill arrives. With only 3% of the Earth’s water being fresh water, wasting water is not an acceptable option. At Conserva Irrigation of Chicagoland we offer a free 12-point lawn analysis for your irrigation system because water conservation is everyone’s responsibility and we believe in leading the way.