Brown Spots on Your Ballantyne Area Lawn May be Due to Inefficient Irrigation

Brown Spots on Your Ballantyne Area Lawn May be Due to Inefficient Irrigation

When do you have your home's irrigation system programmed to run? If you're like most people, your system is programmed to run for a set duration during the very early morning hours. You most likely never even see your system running. In fact, when was the last time you adjusted your sprinkler's controller to account for the dry, extreme heat we've had over the past few weeks? If you haven't increased the run time of your sprinkler system's zones, then you're most likely beginning to see signs of stress on your lawn. If you'd like to have a professional sprinkler repair and installation company inspect your irrigation company for FREE, simply call us today at (704) 802-1211!

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What to do if your lawn is turning brown and crunchy during the hot summer months

While your sprinkler system's controller may be to blame, there are other issues that can cause your lawn to dry up during these scorching hot days of the summertime. If your system suffers from broken sprinkler heads, then your lawn is not getting adequate irrigation in certain areas. If your sprinkler is suffering from improper, head-to-head coverage, then parts of your lawn are being underwatered. Lateral line leaks can cause water pressure issues which will further increase your lack of head-to-head coverage issues. The issues that could arise with your irrigation system are numerous. That's why we recommend calling a professional irrigation company to properly diagnose your irrigation system's problems before you attempt a DIY repair.

It's worth mentioning that nearly every DIY attempt results in the homeowner having to pay more just for the damage they've inflicted on their own system. While replacing a sprinkler head sounds simple, it's actually something you should leave to a professional. You want to ensure that your system is utilizing the proper parts and that your lawn is getting adequate water coverage. If you'd like to upgrade your irrigation system using smart irrigation technology, you can expect to reduce your water usage for irrigation by 40% and keep your lawn looking lush and green all year long.

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So, if you're using an antiquated, inefficient irrigation system, call the local irrigation experts at Conserva Irrigation of Charlotte today. We offer a multitude of smart irrigation technology applications and we also offer a FREE irrigation system inspection to all new customers. Find out why we're the most trusted sprinkler company in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte, call us today at (704) 802-1211 or fill out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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